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Cedar Fort
"Mom Rules" is by Soni and Treion Muller.

"MOM RULES: Because Even Super Heroes Need Help Sometimes," by Soni and Treion Muller, Cedar Fort, $9.99, 105 pages (nf)

Hospitals usually provide new moms with a blanket and hat to keep their newborns warm. A few formula samples are also included.

However, the most important job in the world unfortunately does not come with instructions — certainly not a guidebook or rulebook.

Soni and Treion Muller of Farmington have tried to fill that void with "Mom Rules" because they believe even superheroes need help sometimes.

Made up of 82 rules, "Mom Rules" describes what moms should know, what they should say and what they should do.

Each rule, such as Rule 14, "Learn to appreciate graffiti," comes with advice, a personal story outlining the principle of the rule, and a "helping hands section" that provides useful links as well as websites and blogs to learn more about the rule. Treion Muller, author of "Dad Rules," also adds a few suggestions on how dads can be included in many of the rules for moms.

This book is a great gift for new moms who are looking for guidance and suggestions. However, even seasoned moms can pick up a tip here and there or feel reaffirmed because they were following the rules — and did not even know it!

Additionally, this book certainly does not cater only to mothers of newborns. For example, Rule 17 says, "Remember, it's your daughters wedding, NOT yours. And Rule 18, "Keep your husband out of the wedding plans altogether," shows the extent and breadth of this book.

Each rule is short and sweet, and the passage rarely exceeds a page. This is a weakness as some topics, such as peaceful dispute resolution and communicating effectively and constructively with children, are important and more consequential than others and deserve more than a casual mention.

Overall, though, this is a book that offers guidance to all kinds of moms.

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