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"Covenant Motherhood" is a novel by Stephanie Dibb Sorensen.

"COVENANT MOTHERHOOD: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives," by Stephanie Dibb Sorensen, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 109 pages (nf)

Brigham Young University faculty member Stephanie Dibb Sorensen seamlessly integrates poignant motherhood moments and profound spiritual lessons in her new release, "Covenant Motherhood: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives." Likening scripture to herself, Sorensen identifies patterns in the Savior's interactions with others and applies them as a model for covenant motherhood.

Sorensen's academic scholarship and passion for mothering makes this book far more than only witty stories or funny vignettes. Each chapter begins with a story from her life, usually one that will make the reader giggle to herself, or opens with a nugget of scriptural insight that will lead the reader on her own personal scripture chase.

The stories are real and about real children not yet perfected, and about her own real mothering experiences not yet entirely conquered. The scriptural insights are woven from quoted verses, statements from modern prophets and apostles, and wisdom given her by motherly family and friends.

This book is timely, testifying of the true sanctity of motherhood. Sorensen makes it clear that even in the stark reality of the daily and mundane, women are not left behind while serving in the home but are at the very heart of the Savior's ministry.

"Covenant Motherhood" is for every woman. Whether the reader has her own children or is the favorite aunt; whether the reader fosters children or teaches primary; whether the reader has lost her own mother or grieved over the loss of a child, this book is for that woman.

This book is not just about becoming a covenant mother patterned after the ministry of the Savior; it is about what it means to be a daughter of Heavenly Father who invites her participation in his work of creation and redemption.

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