Dating while she's expecting isn't out of the question.

Dear Angela,

As a guy, I have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant, but I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable. Still, I don’t want that to mean I can’t have fun with my wife for the next 9 months! What are some fun date ideas for women who are in their later months of pregnancy?

— Kyle, Provo

Dear Kyle,

Every pregnancy is different (or so I’ve heard!), so what your wife is comfortable with or what she is able to do may be totally different from another woman’s abilities. So we’ve asked a bunch of Ask Angela readers and even some experts about good dating ideas, and here’s what they had to say.

9 fun dates for expecting couples

“Do a progressive dinner date night where you take her to really good restaurants for different parts of the meal: appetizer, main course and dessert at three different places. Rent a Red Box movie to watch all comfy cozy at home when you are done with your food tour. A foot rub should also totally be included!” — Cathy Kirby, blogger

“My fun date idea is to go for couples massages! Most women love massages and love to be pampered, but massages feel even better when you are pregnant. Take her for a couples massage and then a healthy lunch and she will be most appreciative.” — Michele Valazquez, event planner

“Baseball games. Typically they’re at night when it’s cooled down a little and sometimes they have fireworks (we went a couple times and sat on the lawn and it was fun and cheap!” — Jess Spann, Facebook response

“I really like a nice bike ride on a cement path with a lot of elevation changes. But I’m only 29 weeks!” — Chelsea Sloat, Facebook response

“Get a blow-up kiddie pool, fill it with pillows and blankets and spend time outside star-gazing with your favorite snacks. It’s quiet, peaceful and romantic, all three hard to come by once baby comes!” — Marissa Nichols, Facebook response

“If she enjoys playing board or card games, spend the day doing that. To make it more fun, if she wins, you have to take out the garbage, do her chores for a week, etc. Not only does she get to enjoy the game, but she gets a nice break to relax while you help out!” Dr. Jane Greer, marriage and family therapist

“The best 'date nights' for us in the last few months is pretty much Husband and I sitting on the couch eating whatever we like and talking. In a time when I'm hormonal, tired, sick and feeling way off kilter because of these things, I just need his emotional support. You could also do this at a park or drive out to a pretty spot or something. Just make sure it's all about the interaction and relaxing.” — Tiffany Hudson, Ask Angela reader

When my wife was pregnant, I went out and bought some of her favorite snacks, loaded up our couch into my truck, ordered her favorite fast food (Taco Bell,) and I took her to a drive-in movie where she was able to snuggle in a blanket and enjoy all the comforts of home during the movie. — Braxton Wood, photographer

“Pick an afternoon to do something — visit a new shop, a free concert in a park somewhere, a bookstore, an ice cream shop you haven't tried or an art museum. The point is to do something that can be done at your own pace without any rushing. Try adding these touches:

Leave the house while she gets ready. Run some errands, and bring back flowers. Let her get herself ready alone, so she can feel like she is being picked up for a date.

While the two of you are gone, hire a cleaning service to come clean the house. While cleaning the house may not be her normal chore (both partners take a role these days … though often it is still on her!), it will be a nice welcome surprise to come home to a clean house!” — Stacey Halstead, yoga instructor

Kyle, use this as your starter list, and don’t be afraid to be creative, as with all dates people just want to feel loved and cared about. Additionally, I imagine myself being pregnant and I can’t imagine doing anything else besides watching Netflix, but this list really shows that different women want to do different things, so take what you know about your lovely wife, and go from there!



Readers: What have been some of your favorite dates while pregnant or with a pregnant spouse? What have been your favorite dates in general? Share in the comments and join the conversation on the Ask Angela Facebook page.

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