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"Covenant Motherhood: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives" is by Stephanie Dibb Sorensen.

Editors note: Stephanie Dibb Sorensen discusses motherhood, her new book "Covenant Motherhood" an excerpt of his interview on The Good Word podcast.

Stephanie Dibb Sorensen is a mother to three children. After starting a blog, Diapers and Divinity online at diapersanddivinity.com, several years ago, she discovered a passion for sharing real life stories mixed with real doctrine. From that journey came her book "Covenant Motherhood: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives" (Covenant Communications, $11.99). Sorensen teaches as an adjunct faculty member in the department of LDS Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University and presents regularly at Especially for Youth.

Q: So when you are not being a mother you teach at BYU. What subject or subjects do you teach?

Sorensen: Right now I teach Doctrine and Covenants, which is divided into two courses.

Q: Your blog seems to be this porthole, as it is with many, into the world of writing. What is the name of your blog and what does it talk about?

Sorensen: My blog is called Diapers and Divinity. I thought, "What could I do to do some good on the Internet?" I used to be meticulous at journal writing, and thought maybe a blog is a way to write my own story and still do it in a way that could somehow have a missionary-minded message. Since I was in the middle of the young mothering years, and motherhood is underappreciated in the world and is under attack, maybe I could do something that would promote the idea of motherhood and share my experience in a faith filled way.

Q: How long did you blog before coming up with your book "Covenant Motherhood"?

Sorensen: I started the blog in 2008. Within a year I started to get the nagging thought that some of the things I was learning in my motherhood journey I should be recording and compiling in a way that maybe, sometime, it could come together like a big puzzle that could be beneficial to someone going through the same things I was going through.

Q: We don't often speak of parenting in the context of a covenant. I suppose that could be because we don't see an ordinance attached to it. But parenting is very much a covenant. How did you come to that conclusion?

Sorensen: I came to that conclusion after lots of little different packets of light I got about the topic in studying. One of the main ideas is that, as LDS women, we are covenant women. We have made promises to the Lord personally. As well we have been through the temple; we know that when we have children they are born in the covenant and that makes us — covenant mothers. Everything we do as mothers should be a fulfillment of an unspoken covenant even if we don't recognize it. Because it is in fulfillment of a covenant there are also promised blessings.

Q: Did you write "Covenant Motherhood" for mothers? For prospective mothers? For fathers and husbands?

Sorensen: Anyone can read it! I have tried to put so much doctrine into it, whenever there is doctrine I think you can find application to whatever stage you are in.

Sorensen's book "Covenant Motherhood" is available through LDS retailers. The full interview can be heard on The Good Word Podcast. Her

Nick Galieti is a writer, documentarian, freelance record producer and sound engineer. He is the host of a bi-weekly podcast for LDS writers, The Good Word.