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Portraits of the merged tribe are painted on the back of the Enil Edam flag during the 11th episode of "Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites" that aired Wednesday, April 24.

It’s Days 29 and 30 of the 39-day game — and the twists and turns aren’t over yet for the remaining nine castaways on “Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites,” including South Jordan resident Dawn Meehan.

There are still plenty of decisions, large and small, that can tip the game.

All of the players were still reeling from the Tribal Council, when the Three Amigos, Malcolm Freberg, Eddie Fox and Reynold Toepfer, each had immunity, and the alliance of Favorites had to vote for one of their own.

On Day 29, it was time for the “Survivor Auction," where each of the tribe members received $500 to bid on food and other items host Jeff Probst presents.

Meehan bid $500 for a roasted chicken and won it.

She tweeted during Wednesday’s episode: “#Survivor: that chicken was THE best ever. Hot. Juicy. Rosemary on top. Yum."

Other things up for bid were mystery items, including a slice of pizza (Toepfer bought for $180), a full pizza (Sherri Biethman bought for $500), pig’s brain (sadly, Brenda Lowe bought for $300), a pasta dinner (which Andrea Boehlke bought for $280 and took the option to swap for beans and rice) and a bowl of peanut butter to be shared immediately with the tribe (Eddie Fox bought for $200).

Freberg was the first to bid $20 for a beer and peanuts, winning it.

Others were information to help with the game (Freberg bought for $480), an advantage in the immunity challenge (John Cochran bought for $340) and letters from loved ones that were sold for $20.

“No money; no loved one letters for Malcolm, Sherri or Dawn,” Probst said.

“I just paid $500 for a chicken and I could have had letters for $20; it’s crazy,” Meehan said as her tears started coming.

“Dawn, you’re already in tears,” Probst said.

“It’s all good; I’ll talk to them in 10 days,” said Meehan as a small sob escaped. Meehan, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the mother of six adopted children and is an English professor at Brigham Young University.

The next day at the Immunity Challenge, each castaway had to hold up a large beam by a rope with knots. Every five minutes, they would move down a knot. The last section didn’t have a knot at the end. Each beam was a third of the castaway’s body weight at the beginning of the game.

Thanks to his advantage, which allowed him to move up two knots at any point, Cochran won immunity. Meehan was the fourth to last person to let go, getting a “Great effort” from Probst.

Also, Meehan’s mothering side was seen during this episode as she comforted Lowe, shared in the emotion of the others reading their letters and cheered on Cochran at the Immunity Challenge.

The clue Freberg bought was likely a clue to an Immunity Idol, and Boehlke followed him when he would go to look for it. So, he decided to create the illusion that he had it as he didn’t get a chance to privately find it.

The Three Amigos worked to swing Erik Reichenbach and Biethman to vote with them as they targeted Boehlke. And the Favorites decided to split their votes.

Reichenbach and Biethman played both sides of the camp.

At Tribal Council, Freberg, Fox and Boehlke each received three votes. So the other six castaways revoted for one of the three. And Freberg was voted out.

“It’s been a great run,” Freberg said. “I spent $480 on an idol clue and I didn’t find the idol.

“I found two without paying, and I can’t find the one I actually paid for.”

Freberg joins Michael Snow and Phillip Sheppard on the jury. The jury members can attend Tribal Council and will ultimately vote for one of the final three “Survivors” to decide who wins the $1 million prize.

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