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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Ronnie Brewer warms up before the start of a game on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013.

The Jazz's 2012-13 season is over, but eight former members of the team have seen their respective years extended with other clubs that made the playoffs.

Some of these players have become NBA journeymen since they've left Salt Lake City. Others have not, staying with only one team ever since they've left Utah. All of the players in this year's chase for the NBA championship played in Utah during the last five years, save one.

Three of these players now play for the Atlanta Hawks, though since they left Utah, several of them have played together on teams other than the ones currently signing their paychecks, a testament to the fluidity of NBA rosters year to year. Two former Jazz men play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, one plays for the Denver Nuggets, one for the Chicago Bulls and one for the Brooklyn Nets.

Here's a look at who they are, who they're with, and how they factor into their respective teams' chances in the postseason.

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