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Many people found themselves without food during the lockdown that began Friday morning in Massachusetts.

"Would you have had food in the house today if you were in an emergency lockdown?"

Lyndie Blevins is one of many who asked this question on Twitter. And according to the reaction on social media, many of the estimated 1 million citizens on lockdown in Boston were not prepared for the extensive time remaining in their homes.

Several pictures and messages have been shared, including bags of candy and granola as the only food to eat. Others expressed gratitude for the food they had in their pantries.

The idea of keeping some sort of food storage is not new to most Utahns. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is based out of Utah, has previously urged members to maintain a 72-hour kit in case of such tragedies or disasters. Several companies have also been built around this desire many families share to be prepared.

Twitter has been abuzz today with Bostonians' comments about their meals or lack thereof.