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Natalie Barrett
Elle savored her pink doughnut with sprinkles.

Editor’s note: Natalie Barrett experiences what it’s like to dine out with her 3-year-old daughter, Elle.

I have yet to find a doughnut I don’t like. The sweet fried treat and I just seem to get along.

I may have passed along that trait to my young daughter. But someone else in her life also taught Elle that those little glazed bits of heaven are friends (which I do believe they are) — her grandmother, my mother-in-law.

I figured this out when she and I went to her grandmother’s favorite grocery store. Elle just assumed we were getting doughnuts. It must be a routine: groceries, doughnuts.

When we pulled up to Banbury Cross Donuts at 705 S. 700 East in Salt Lake City, Elle didn’t know what to think.

The exterior looks unexciting and bland. When we pulled in, I explained we were getting doughnuts. Elle could hardly contain herself: my little preschooler’s feet started kicking, her arms were flailing and she sang her own little tune primarily composed of the words “doughnuts, doughnuts.”

Banbury Cross offers doughnuts and also muffins, cinnamon and orange rolls, apple fritters, coffee, orange juice and chocolate milk, to name a few menu items. The store has been open since 1986 and its recipe for success has been simple: make good food.

“Good” actually does not do justice to Banbury Cross Donuts (or BCD as they are referred to locally).

Do a quick search online and you will find poems written in BCD’s name, five stars all over the place and people struggling to express how wonderful these doughnuts are.

One reviewer described BCD as only to be imagined in a fictional world.

As we plowed through the door, Elle continued not being able to stand, walk or sit still. Bypassing the line, she pressed her nose up against the glass and screamed, “Pink!”

I bought her a pink-iced doughnut liberally covered with sprinkles while I ate a cinnamon crumb.

We sat and ate in near-silence. It was my first experience at Banbury and I was more than surprised at how incredible their doughnuts were. Banbury Cross put my other favorite doughnuts to shame. BCD’s version was pillowy, soft and perfectly sweet. It made other doughnuts seem heavy, buttery and unappealing.

Banbury Cross is now the doughnut of choice for Elle and me.