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Greg Gayne, CBS Broadcasting
The Enil Edam's flag during the ninth episode of "Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites," on Wednesday, April 10, on CBS.

Utahn and Mormon Dawn Meehan’s bold strategy in “Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites” has triggered big moves in the last two episodes of the show. And it shows that she learned from sitting on information when she previously played in “Survivor: South Pacific.”

Last week, the two tribes merged and Corinne Kaplan, 33, created a counter alliance to the original fans alliance with 25-year-old Malcolm Freberg along with some of the fans to eventually target their fellow returning players. Kaplan confided in Meehan, who brought the information to her alliance of favorites and they gathered the votes to send her home in a blindside.

In the April 10 episode, which includes Days 23-25 of the 39-day contest, Freberg tried to pull in Meehan, 42, and favorite 41-year-old Sherri Biethman to convince them to split the previous players or favorites’ votes between fans 23-year-old Edward “Eddie” Fox and 30-year-old Reynold Toepfer, while Freberg and his alliance, including both Fox and Toepfer, were targeting favorite 23-year-old Andrea Boehlke, who they saw as the person calling the shots on the favorites alliance.

“It would be great to give him the impression I was voting with him and then vote him out,” Meehan said of Freberg, who sees that now is the time to make a move so he can go to the end of the game. He worked out the Toepfer/Fox vote spilt with Boehlke and then tried to flip Meehan to vote out Boehlke.

“Dawn is really working it. Dawn is like the MVP (this season). I don’t know where this Dawn came from,” Boehlke said. “She’s good at this.”

And Meehan was working both alliances, including getting a peek at Toepfer’s Hidden Immunity Idol.

“It’s nuts. The fact that I’m coming back after Corinne’s vote and Malcolm is still trusting me when I’m the person that gave the information on Corinne, tells me he’s not dialed in,” said Meehan, who is a South Jordan mother of six adopted children, a Brigham Young University English professor and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

But when Boehlke caught wind from Fox, whom she was flirting with earlier and has a tenuous trust with, that she might be going home, she tried to change the vote to target 44-year-old Michael Snow with a “safe vote” instead of Freberg.

“Absolutely all of the work I did today is completely down the drain. … I feel like it is our chance to take Malcolm out,” Meehan told Boehlke. “I feel that my whole game is lost now.”

During Tribal Council, Freberg got spooked during the discussion and voted for Toepfer and then, in a bold move, convinced Toepfer to give him Toepfer’s Hidden Immunity Idol. Kaplan, who went home last week, was the only person who knew that Freberg has his own Hidden Immunity Idol.

Snow, Fox and Toepfer voted for Boehlke, as they planned.

And it was Snow who was voted out and his is the first member of the jury. (He also used an obscene gesture toward everyone as he left.) The jury members ultimately decide which of the three final players win the $1 million prize.

“There are 10 very savvy players left,” host Jeff Probst said. “And only one thing you can rely on — your gut.”

Also during Wednesday’s episode, 30-year-old Brenda Lowe won Individual Immunity during the challenge that included staying calm in the water under a steel grate while the tide rose. And during the Reward Challenge, which included throwing balls into a net while it was being defended, was won by the team with Fox, Snow, Toepfer, Erik Reichenbach, 27, and 25-year-old John Cochran.

Last week, Cochran won the Individual Immunity challenge of eating local delicacies.

And next week, Meehan may be not be safe. The previews show her crying a lot and her fellow tribemates questioning her ability to play.

Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites” airs Wednesday evenings on CBS.

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