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Utah State University basketball player Danny Berger speaks with the press as he continues recovery at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Friday, Dec. 7, 2012.

There are so many courageous people in this world, fighting personal battles that require great strength. I immediately think of parents and their children — stricken with cancer — who call Primary Children’s Medical Center their home away from home. Moms and dads whose babies are struggling to survive in hospital newborn intensive care units also come to mind. And several of my neighbors are constantly in my thoughts. There are a number of them struggling with severe diseases and illnesses, yet they don’t complain and try to move forward with a smile on their face. They are all great examples of pushing on with life while enduring intense physical setbacks.

On “Mormon Times TV” this week, meet a young man who is also a model of bravery with an upbeat attitude, and you’ll likely recognize him. He’s number 12 on the Utah State University basketball team — and he’s on the comeback after going into cardiac arrest on the court. Danny Berger’s story of faith and miracles is coming up this Sunday.

Also on the April 14 show, we'll discuss the power of the written word and how it changed several lives. You’ll see how a local man’s debilitating illness motivated him to step it up and support the young missionaries serving from his congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

You’ll get a look at how acclaimed singer-turned-Mormon missionary David Archuleta still manages to release new music while serving a mission in Chile. And fans don’t have to worry — he’s not breaking any mission rules!

Plus, professional counselor Sheldon Martin will be along to help us learn how to use principles of the gospel to put the past behind us and change negative thought processes.

And you’ll be astounded at the beauty of the gorgeous stained glass windows made by the hands of a man who’s learned how to overcome his shortcomings by using his talents to inspire others.

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