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Mint, a personal finance Web and mobile app, has about 12 million users. Last week, Intuit, the owner-company, announced Mint would merge with online banking to allow customers personal finance management tools within the banking site.

The hugely popular personal finance app Mint will soon connect with banks to incorporate their software with online banking, according to American Banker.

As customers log in to banking accounts, Mint content like account alerts, linked external accounts and a budget creation tool will be available through the banking site.

Banks will also be able to integrate Mint into their mobile banking apps. Mint will start being integrated into banks by the end of 2013.

“We want to blur the lines between PFM (personal finance management) tools and digital banking," Greg Wright, vice president of product management at Intuit Financial Services, the company that owns Mint, told American Banker.

Mint now has 12 million users. Previously, banks have attempted to make personal finance tools available to customers so their site is more engaging. However, whether through poor positioning of the tools or lack of easiness to use, the features haven’t been majorly successful.

A survey by Mint reported 80 percent of users preferred to use personal finance tools through their online banking accounts, but didn’t necessarily like the one banks provided, according to an article by My Bank Tracker.

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