, Weber County Sheriff's Office
A 3-year-old girl is in critical condition after getting her neck tangled in a rope of a swing Thursday, April 4, 2013, in Farr West. She was transported to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

FARR WEST, Weber County — A 3-year-old girl is in critical condition at Primary Children's Medical Center after getting her neck tangled in a rope of a swing.

Weber County sheriff's spokesman Mark Lowther said the girl's father had let her out to play for about five minutes Thursday night when he found her tangled in the swing.

CPR was performed, and crews got a pulse back.

A Life Flight helicopter landed in the middle of the street in a Farr West subdivision off Remuda Drive to take the toddler to the hospital.

"Just watching them bring out the little body board to carry the little girl was really shocking, because just a little bit ago, I'd seen them playing, and it just happened so fast,” said neighbor Lexi Hartsgrove.

While playgrounds are obviously designed for children, accidents do happen.

Jann Fawcett, a coordinator for Safe Kids Utah, said ladders, slides and swings all account for some playground mishaps, mostly falls.

"Unintentional, accidental injuries are one of the leading causes of death for children 14 years and under,” Fawcett said.

The best safety measure that people can do on a playground is to supervise their children at all time, she said.