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"Choosing Motherhood: Stories of Successful Women Who Put Family First" is a collection of essays compiled by Lia Collings.

"CHOOSING MOTHERHOOD: Stories of Successful Women Who Put Family First," compiled by Lia Collings and edited by Elise Hahl and Rosalyn Eves, Cedar Fort, $14.99, 164 pages (nf)

Many women struggle daily with the decision to pursue a full-time career or to get married and have children. Some women feel they wouldn’t be adequate in the view of the world if they chose to only pursue a career; others, the reverse.

“Choosing Motherhood: Stories of Successful Women Who Put Family First” is a compilation of stories put together by Lia Collings and edited by Elise Hahl and Rosalyn Eves that follow Mormon women whose paths crossed during their time at Yale University.

Sixteen different women, from a mother of 14 to a former White House employee, contributed essays. Through constant communication with the Lord, these women have proven to be prime examples of how to make life-changing decisions. Each of them discovered new meaning in motherhood and learned to find joy in the journey.

One woman found out early in her pregnancy that her child would be born with her spine outside of her body. She was shocked when the doctors brought up “options.” After prayer and planning, she and her husband knew there was only one real option: to pursue the pregnancy and hope for the best.

Several women in this compilation fought the question people often ask: “What do you do?” After much thought and initial lack of appreciation, they could strongly say that they were stay-at-home mothers and full-time caregivers.

This book is appropriate for women who want children now, in the future or who have already had children. Husbands may also be interested in this book if they need further explanation as to why women want to rear their children at home.

The mothers who sought support in their decisions quoted prophets, leaders and apostles from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often. Some of which who were quoted include the Prophet Joseph Smith, who restored the LDS Church; Sister Julie B. Beck, former Relief Society general president; ninth LDS Church President David O. McKay; and Elder David A. Bednar, current member of the Quorum of the Twelve.

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