LEE'S CANYON, Tooele County — The Salt Lake field office of the Bureau of Land Management is temporarily closing the Lee’s Canyon Road to protect crucial raptor nesting habitat. The closure will last through July 15.

In 2011, a pair of raptors attempted to nest in Lee’s Canyon but abandoned the nest. In 2012, the BLM placed gates on each side of the canyon and temporarily restricted access through the canyon. The nest was successful, and the pair fledged one young. The birds have already returned this year to the same site, and the field office is working toward protecting their nesting habitat.

“The temporary closure is necessary to protect the crucial raptor nesting habitat that is on the route through Lee’s Canyon,” said BLM manager Bradley Washa. “The protection of these magnificent creatures is not only required by law, it is also a benefit to all of us.”

Locked gates will be installed on both the east and west sides of Lee’s Canyon. The gates will be positioned in locations to allow motorized vehicles to turn around. Signs will also be installed to inform motorists of the closure and indicate that travel through the canyon is not possible. Hasting’s Pass Road, south of Lee’s Canyon, remains open and offers the public the same ability to travel across the Cedar Mountains.

Lee’s Canyon is located along the Cedar Mountain Wilderness boundary in Tooele County and remains open to nonmotorized recreation such as hiking and horseback riding.

A map of the temporary closure area can be found at blm.gov/l2kd.