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Google introduced a new product on April 1: the Google Nose, a "new scentsation."

The Google Nose webpage boasts 15M+ of scentibytes in the Google Aromabase as well as a safesearch option for "when you're wary of your query."

How does it work? The video introduction says that Google Nose "connects scent to search by intersecting photons with intrasound waves" and temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent. Google says it works on all computers and even some mobile devices.

The product would provide a way for users to experience new products such as scratch-and-sniff books.

"Using special equipment and tricky JavaScript, we're now able to capture some of the smells during the scanning process and then embed them in your web browser when you preview these titles in Google Book Search," according to the Google blog post about the books.

Some available titles would include "The Cheese Companion," "The Science of Chocolate" and "Gorillas in the Mist," according to the post.

Although artificial noses are a possibility, according to The Washington Post, Google Nose is just another joke in Google's long line of April Fool's pranks.

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