Utah State men’s golf concluded play at the Cal Poly hosted Match Play Challenge with a 4.0-1.0 consolation round loss to Northern Colorado at the Cypress Ridge Golf Course on Friday. USU began the tournament with a 3.5-1.5 loss to Weber State in the opening round Thursday, followed by a 3.0-2.0 loss to Fresno State during the second round Thursday.

Against Northern Colorado, junior Tanner Higham lost to Steven Kupcho, 4&3; freshman Seokwon Jeon lost to Ben Krueger, 4&3; freshman Reed Platke defeated Nick Umholtz, 4&3; senior Kris Sayer lost to Charlie Mroz, 2&1; and junior Zach Waxler lost to Conner Barr, 2&1.

Against Fresno State, Higham defeated Troix Tonkham, 4&3; Jeon defeated Rufie Fessler, 4&3; Platke lost to Nate Jessup, 5&4; Sayer lost to Johnny Partridge, 6&5; and Waxler lost to Jack Mulroy, 3&2.

In its opening round loss to Weber State, Higham halved his match with Jordan Herzog to earn half a point; Jeon defeated Michael Johnson, 3&2; Platke lost to Jeff Jones, 2&1; Sayer lost to Matt Wahlen, 1 up; and Waxler lost to Colton Dallimore, 3&1.

Utah State will return to action Monday, April 8, when it travels to Scottsdale, Ariz., to compete in the Wyoming hosted Cowboy Classic.

Match play vs. Weber State

1. Tanner Higham (USU) half Jordan Herzog (WSU) – All Square

2. Seokwon Jeon (USU) def. Michael Johnson (WSU) – 3&2

3. Jeff Jones (WSU) def. Reed Platke (USU) – 2&1

4. Matt Wahlen (WSU) def. Kris Sayer (USU) – 1 up

5. Colton Dallimore (WSU) def. Zach Waxler (USU) – 3&1

Match play vs. Fresno State

1. Tanner Higham (USU) def. Troix Tonkham (FSU) – 4&3

2. Seokwon Jeon (USU) def. Rufie Fessler (FSU) – 3&2

3. Nate Jessup (FSU) def. Reed Platke (USU) – 5&4

4. Johnny Partridge (FSU) def. Kris Sayer (USU) – 6&5

5. Jack Mulroy (FSU) def. Zach Waxler (USU) – 3&2

Match play vs. Northern Colorado

1. Steven Kupcho (UNC) def. Tanner Higham (USU) – 4&3

2. Ben Krueger (UNC) def. Seokwon Jeon (USU) – 4&3

3. Reed Platke (USU) def. Nick Umholtz (UNC) – 4&3

4. Charlie Mroz (UNC) def. Kris Sayer (USU) – 2&1

5. Conner Barr (UNC) def. Zach Waxler (USU) – 2&1

Doug Hoffman is the assistant athletic director for Utah State University Athletic Media Relations.