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Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Emma Garff, 9, draws on the sidewalk at the home of the Tibbitts family in Kaysville on Friday, March 29, 2013. The neighborhood children drew chalk drawings and messages for the Tibbitts family to see when they arrived home from the funeral for Rebecca Tibbitts. Rebecca Tibbitts, 13, passed away unexpectedly, of natural causes, on Monday, March 25, 2013.

KAYSVILLE — Neighbors of a Kaysville family offered support in the form of colorful chalk art Friday, as they dealt with grief from the death of the family's 13-year-old girl.

Rebecca Tibbitts' funeral was held Friday afternoon and family members arrived home to messages and drawings on the sidewalk and driveway adjacent to their home, near Webb Lane and Bishops Street. The idea was something Tibbitts had apparently wanted to do before she died, as she had mentioned it in a "bucket list" written with a friend nearly a year ago, according to organizers of the chalk art event.

Tibbitts passed away early Monday from unknown causes, but police were called to the home on a report of a possible drowning. Police and family are awaiting results of an autopsy and a report from the state medical examiner, which isn't expected for up to  eight weeks.