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Brook Andreoli
Utah County author Ally Condie will publish two more books through Dutton Children’s Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group. The first will be published in fall 2014 and is the tale of twin sisters in the underwater city of Atlantia.

A story of sisters in the underwater city of Atlantia will be the next young adult novel by Utah author Ally Condie, who penned the Matched trilogy.

It’s scheduled for publication in fall 2014 by Dutton Children’s Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group, and is one of two books Condie will publish with them, according to a news release Monday from the publisher.

“One of the things I’m really excited about regarding this book is that it’s a story about sisters,” Condie wrote on her blog at allycondie.com about the announcement, adding that there will be romance, too. “I love reading stories about families and relationships, and so I hope I can do that justice in this book. And I hope you readers will like it too.”

In her yet-to-be named new novel, Rio is looking forward to leaving the underwater city of Atlantia for the surface when her twin sister, Bay, unexpectedly takes her family’s slot there, leaving Rio with “dangerous questions about the complex political and religious system constructed to govern the fragile divide between land and sea,” according to the news release.

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The deal was brokered by Julie Strauss-Gabel, vice president and publisher of Dutton Children’s Books who will also edit the books, and Condie’s agent, Jodi Reamer of Writers House, according to the news release.

Condie is the author of the dystopian Matched trilogy, which Dutton also published, and the Yearbook trilogy, “Being Sixteen” and “Freshman for President,” published through Shadow Mountain, an imprint of Deseret Book.

This week, the Matched trilogy was No. 8 on the New York Times’ Best Seller list for Children's Series. The third book in the Matched series, “Reached,” was released last fall, and the second book, “Crossed,” was released in paperback earlier this month.

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