Jae C. Hong, AP
Jose Canales, left, talks to a recruiter as he is accompanied by his wife, Magdel, and daughter Alexamarie at a job fair expo in Anaheim, Calif. Americans will be facing cuts in federal emergency unemployment compensation.

Emergency unemployment compensation will be reduced due to the federal sequestration, according to press release from the State Department of Workforce Services.

For those in Utah, the 12.8 percent cut will take effect April 28. This means those trying to claim the EUC will be affected on or after April 28. The cuts are federal and don’t include state unemployment benefits.

Currently, there are about 4,000 unemployed workers who will see their benefits cut. Those who are on EUC currently are paid up to 14 weeks of federal benefits in addition to the state’s 26 weeks of benefits.

The federal program of EUC is estimated to end completely by Dec. 28, 2013.

All states have to start reducing the benefits on or after March 31. Those who are having their benefits cut will receive a notice two weeks before the reductions start.