Paul Sakuma, AP
H&R Block tax adviser William Lucas, center, works with clients doing their taxes at the H&R Block offices in Mountain View, Calif. Extensions for tax filing are available, however the money owed still must be paid by April 15.

As April 15 approaches, the rush for finishing tax returns heightens. But tax extensions, though not ideal, are available for those who can’t complete them in time, according to an article by Five Cent Nickel.

A six-month extension can be granted, but the money that is due still has to be paid by April 15. The return has to be completed so you know what you owe if you don’t want the risk of a late payment.

To request an extension, an IRS Form 4868 is used. Many tax prep softwares or professional tax preparers should be able to help as well.

For those who live in states without income tax, a state filing extension may need to be filled out as well. The new deadline for the return then becomes Oct. 15, 2013.

The most commonly asked questions regarding extensions are answered at File Later. Almost everyone qualifies for extensions. Returns that are rejected are usually only rejected because of wrong information.