Gregory Peters
Jake Abel and Saoirse Ronan star in "The Host."

Violence — In "The Host," aliens are hunting humans, humans are fighting back. Hand-to-hand combat and guns are used. One alien is shot accidentally and killed. Others are shot but not killed. Two humans commit suicide with a truck. A girl jumps out of a window to take her life instead of being captured. A human tries to choke an alien. There is some blood shown and wounds are present. Cars are used as weapons.

Sexuality — Kissing, kissing and more kissing. The main character has two love interests and they kiss many times. There is a flashback of two people in bed. It is fairly short. A woman says to a man, “Sleep with me.”

Nudity — Some outfits are low-cut. A woman is shown bathing. The two in bed have underwear on.

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