KOOSHAREM, Sevier County — Fire crews responded to a structure fire Monday after an unattended fire spread into a building's garage.

The building, described as a metal structure with an attached living area, sustained approximately $100,000 in damages, said Sevier County Sheriff Nathan Curtis. No injuries were reported.

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The fire occurred at 210 W 200 South in Koosharem around 3:45 p.m. Chad Torgerson, the owner of the building, had started a fire in a garage fireplace and when he returned to the living area, he noticed an unusual amount of smoke passing the window. When he checked on the fire, the garage was filled with smoke, Curtis said.

Torgerson was able to remove several personal items from the scene, but when he opened the garage door to remove his truck, the fire completely engulfed the garage. Curtis said the fire became so hot that the building's large steel beams had started to bend.

The investigation has been turned over the state fire marshal.

Benjamin Wood