Shara Park, Deseret News
The online site for Wells Fargo & Co was flooded with unusually high volume of traffic from a cyber attack on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

Customers trying to access the Wells Fargo & Co website were blocked in what is suspected as another cyber attack, but personal account information is safe, according to an article by Reuters.

On Tuesday, the site had an overly high volume of traffic. A spokesman said they think it stems from a denial-of-service attack.

Attacks started earlier in the fall and started again in December and went on through January. Several large banking companies have been affected along with Wells Fargo, including KeyCorp and U.S. Bank.

"There is nothing an organization, a bank, a newspaper or anyone can do to prevent attempts to phish or hack or do denial-of-service attacks," said Key spokeswoman Lynne Woodman in a article.

"But customers do not need to be afraid for the safety of their money," Woodman said. "The banks are turning themselves inside out to keep people's money safe."

These attacks haven’t accessed personal information from the sites.

In this type of attack, a website is flooded with high-volume traffic from the attackers, which the bank tries to block. This creates shutouts for a “small percentage of legitimate … customers for an extended period,” PNC said to Fox Business.

A group offended by a video mocking the Muslim prophet Muhammad has claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to the Cleveland article.

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