TAYLORSVILLE — Brighton High School English teacher Karen Larson has been named by Salt Lake Community College as this year’s Outstanding Concurrent Enrollment Instructor.

She will be honored April 30 at the college’s Concurrent Enrollment Awards program, to be held in the Student Center at the Redwood Campus in Taylorsville.   

Larson's first teacher post was as an English instructor at SLCC, where she led discussions and pored over assignments to help freshmen and sophomores hone their writing skills. Many of her students had limited English proficiency. Others had returned to school after decades in the workplace.

Larson has been teaching at Brighton for seven years and enjoys working with high school students on college-level writing tasks.

“I think that because the high school kids have had English every year, their writing skills are fresh and the transition isn’t as tough,” she said. “I feel that, a lot of times, students in high school have an advantage. Everything is fresh in their minds."

She continues teaching at SLCC on summer break.