J Pat Carter, AP
In this Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 photo, a person fills out an application at the Fort Lauderdale Career Fair, in Dania Beach, Fla. Unemployment rates continue to fall this year. In December 2012, rates reached what they were in 2008 for the first time.

The hope of employment is increasing in Utah, according to a release from the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

For February, the unemployment rate was at 5.2 percent, down .2 percent from January’s 5.4 percent unemployment rate.

Utah remains far below the national unemployment rate. In February, the national rate edged slightly lower but is still 7.7 percent — about 12 million people who are unemployed.

Over the past year, Utah has increased jobs by 49,200. Trade, transportation and utility jobs were a major contributor to the decreased unemployment. Over the past year, this industry created 10,600 new jobs.

Jobs in information grew the greatest, percentage-wise. Now including 34,000 jobs, it grew 11.5 percent from the year previous.

Although it created the least new jobs, the government added about 800 positions, which was more than anticipated. Most of these jobs are in state colleges and universities.

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