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DALLAS — It probably didn’t make a difference in the outcome of the game, but the Jazz were still fuming, or at least scratching their heads, over a call in the fourth quarter that gave Dallas a rare five-point play.

The Mavericks were leading 89-75 with just under nine minutes left when Shawn Marion was fouled by Derrick Favors on a baseline shot. Enes Kanter came across the lane and swatted the ball away, but all of a sudden official David Jones came over and told fellow official Scott Foster that Kanter had touched the rim.

So that was a technical on Kanter and the basket was allowed even though Kanter had knocked it away and Marion had a foul shot coming.

When Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin was informed by Foster what was going on, he said some bad words and was immediately whistled for a technical foul. That gave the Mavericks another free throw to go along with the other technical shot and a free throw by Marion and the basket that was allowed.

Got it?

Afterward, Corbin was still confused.

“I didn’t think he grabbed the rim. They gave them a basket, a free throw and a technical,’’ he said. “You can’t give them a five-point play. I asked what he did and (the official) said, 'He grabbed the rim.’ From my angle, he didn’t grab the rim. He blocked the shot. He said he grabbed the rim and I disagreed with him.”

Kanter also said he didn’t grab the rim, but admitted that he may have grabbed the net, which would also be basket interference.

“They just said I grabbed the net or something,’’ Kanter said. “With my other hand they said I grabbed the net. Maybe I did. I don’t know.’’

PLAYOFF PICTURE: With Houston’s victory over San Antonio, the Rockets are now five games ahead of Utah in the standings. That leaves the Jazz chasing the Lakers, who are two games ahead, for the eighth spot with Dallas now tied with Utah.

The good news for the Jazz is that they have the most favorable remaining schedule of the playoff contenders with the most home games (8) and the fewest number of games against playoff teams (5).

Among the other two contenders for the final playoff spot, the Mavs have seven home games and the Lakers have six. The Lakers must play eight playoff teams, while the Mavs will play seven.

OLD MAN: Gordon Hayward celebrated his birthday Saturday — his “golden” birthday since he turned 23 on the 23rd of the month.

It was a good birthday, he said, because he was able to go to dinner with family, including uncles and cousins from the area — except for one thing. After dinner, they watched the Butler-Marquette game, which Butler lost by two in the final minute.

“It would have been a nice birthday present, but they played well and it was fun seeing family.'' he said. “I feel like I’m getting old, watching the Butler team play. It seems like only yesterday I was out there playing with them — it goes by fast.’’

JAZZ NOTES: DeMarre Carroll may have set some sort of record for having more fouls than minutes played Sunday night. Carroll played the final 4:18 of the game, but ended up with five fouls. ... A crowd of 19,821 watched the game, the 66th consecutive sellout at American Airlines Center. ... The Jazz are playing their 16th of 17 back-to-back games Monday night. So far, they are just 6-9 on the second night of the back-to-backs, but 12 have come on the road. In home games on the second night the Jazz are 2-1. ... The Jazz have one more back-to-back this year, later this week when they play Brooklyn Saturday night after playing at Portland on Friday.