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Provided by Heather B. Moore
Aubrey Mace is one of the contributing authors to "A Timeless Romance Anthology: Spring Collection," which is a collection of six contemporary and clean romance stories.

"A TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY: Spring Break Collection," by Josi Kilpack, Annette Lyon, Heather Justesen, Sarah Eden, Heather Moore and Aubrey Mace, Mirror Press, $3.99, 183 pages (f)

Something about spring leaves hearts aching for romance, and this new collection of short stories pleasantly answers that yearning. “A Timeless Romance Anthology: Spring Break Collection” is an e-book collage of six distinct love stories by award-winning Mormon authors.

Josi Kilpack, Annette Lyon, Heather Justesen, Sarah Eden, Heather Moore and Aubrey Mace — each a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — joined forces to create this dynamic assortment of romantic narratives. Following the sextet of winter themed stories released last fall, this new array of tender tales will easily squeeze into the hearts of lovers of love stories.

This collection holds something for everyone. Unlike their winter sisters, these accounts are placed in more modern settings. Love finds its way into a luscious, beach-born business trip; a drafty cabin near Park City; a reunion of high school friends; and an exotic, Cancun vacation. The main characters are all female, but their dashing counterparts are every bit the gallant heroes readers would hope for.

Several of these stories delve into relationships that overturned for one reason or another and are given a second chance. Others bring their champions face to face with a heady, perfect tenderness that could easily slip away if every scene does not move forward flawlessly. The angst and tension in the tales is palpable and sweet, the seamless supplement to a complete romance.

Each story is unique and sentimental in its own way. The characters are vibrant and well-developed, even though the stories they inhabit are brief. Of course some stories will appeal more to some readers than others. With a broad range of characters and backgrounds, readers will surely find a piece of real life wrapped into these tales.

While the stories are written by Mormon authors, none of the characters and themes are specifically Mormon. The stories are free of any swearing and violence, and don't go beyond a few passionate kisses.

This collection feels more polished than the previous offering. The stories are bright and crisp and will likely appeal to anyone who loves a good romance.

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Summer Wedding Collection” is set to be released in May.

Melissa DeMoux is a stay-at-home mother of six young children who lives in West Valley City. Her email is mddemoux@gmail.com and she blogs about her adventures in motherhood at demouxfamily.blogspot.com.