SALT LAKE CITY — A homeless man and woman have been charged with stealing more than $7,000 in luggage and property in February and March.

Nancy Kay Roberts, 45, whose address is unknown, was identified on surveillance video removing two black bags with pull handles from a carousel at Salt Lake City International Airport on Feb. 26, according to charging documents filed Wednesday in 3rd District Court.

An airport police officer identified Roberts after reviewing the surveillance footage in connection with a report of three stolen bags, charges state.

Review of Feb. 27 surveillance video showed Roberts leaving the passenger side of a blue, four-door vehicle driven by an unknown male, later identified as Keith Christopher Flynn, 52, at Terminal 1, according to the charges.

It then showed her walking to Terminal 2, where she stole two more bags, one of which contained a blank check later endorsed by Keith C. Flynn, charges state. Roberts then left the baggage claim area and crossed the street to the parking area and bus stop, according to the charges.

Victims reported the amount stolen on Feb. 26 and Feb. 27 to be more than $5,000.

On March 14, individuals matching the description of Roberts and Flynn got off the bus at the airport, conversed and walked off in separate directions, charges state.

Flynn headed to Terminal 1 and Roberts across the skybridge to the ticket area. They were identified by an airport employee, who pointed out Flynn to a co-worker. Flynn was "pulling several bags with Southwest bag tags," according to charging documents.

Police responded to the Terminal 2 carousel after being alerted of the baggage theft. He recognized Flynn's and Roberts' descriptions as the two individuals wanted in connection with the thefts in February, charges state. The officer approached Flynn, who initially retreated before stopping and putting his hands in the air. 

Victims reported the amount of luggage and property stolen March 14 to be approximately $2,000. 

Roberts was charged with two counts of theft, a third-degree felony, and one count of misdemeanor theft, a class A misdemeanor. 

Flynn, identified in court documents as a transient, was charged with three counts of theft, a third-degree felony, and one count of failing to stop at the command of a law officer, a class A misdemeanor.

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