MILFORD, Beaver County — Authorities arrested one man Sunday after an altercation led to a standoff with SWAT team members.

Samuel Weiss, 24, was arrested after witnesses saw him fighting with another man outside an apartment at 748 S. 100 West in Milford, according to the Beaver County Sheriff's Department.

Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel said dispatchers were alerted by a neighbor, who said Weiss had assaulted a man, threatened to kill him and brandished a weapon.

Noel said authorities attempted to speak with Weiss when they arrived, but he ran inside his apartment and locked the door, initiating a standoff that lasted for nearly two hours.

After Weiss refused to exit the apartment a SWAT team was called to the scene, Noel said. Team members deployed tear gas and eventually breached the apartment through the front door and took Weiss into custody.

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Noel also said that during their investigation, they learned that Weiss had been arrested several times in the past for violent crimes in New Mexico and Nevada.

"Everything went well for a small community and the resources we have," Noel said. "We were able to take him into custody without anybody getting injured and that's what we're happy about."

Weiss was booked into Beaver County jail on investigation of assault and brandishing a firearm, Noel said.

More information will be provided when it becomes available.

Contributing: Nkoyo Iyamba

Benjamin Wood