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SALT LAKE CITY — It wasn't quite as bizarre as the time Delonte West stuck his finger in Gordon Hayward's ear.

But the foul Marc Gasol (or is it Ga-sole?) received Saturday night was certainly one of the weirder fouls you'll ever see.

Turns out, the Memphis center is no goody-two-shoes.

Early in the fourth quarter, Jazz big man Derrick Favors accidentally stepped on Gasol's right heel, causing the Memphis player's size 17 to come off his foot.

Weirdness ensued.

The Shoeless Spaniard continued to run up the court and barked at a referee for not calling a foul on Favors. Meanwhile, teammate Ed Davis retrieved Gasol's shoe and handed it to him on the other end.

This is when the other shoe dropped, so to speak.

Still upset, Gasol reached around Favors and smacked his right side as the Jazz player made an inside move. The ball flew out of Favors' hand and the shoe left Gasol's possession for the second time in a nine-second span.

"I didn't know he hit me with his shoe or knocked the ball out of my hand with the shoe," Favors said Sunday at practice. "I didn't even know it."

The 21-year-old Jazz power forward laughed at the situation.

"Whatever you've got to do to stop me — whether it's a shoe or whatever," Favors said. "It's kind of funny."

The Jazz broadcast team of Craig Bolerjack and Ron Boone couldn't believe what they were calling. They were partially amazed and amused.

"He takes a swipe at Favors with his shoe!" Bolerjack said.

"It's a weapon!" Boone exclaimed. With a chuckle, he added, "What's up with that!?"

The situation cracked up Jazz captain Mo Williams, who'd ironically talked to reporters about NBA players' shoe-wearing habits earlier Saturday.

"That was funny. I'm sure it will be on SportsCenter tonight — a 'Not-So-Top-10' nominee," Williams said. "It was pretty smart, actually. He hit the shoe with the ball."

Not to mention Favors, who was hoping to take advantage of Gasol's wardrobe malfunction.

"I didn't do it on purpose. It just kind of happened," he said. "I didn't pick it back up and give it to him, because I was down there trying to score because he didn't have his shoe."

Gasol was called for a personal foul for hitting Favors with the blue and yellow Nike.

It was a first for Tyrone Corbin, who played in the NBA for 16 years and has been a coach for the past decade.

"I had never seen a shoe foul before," Corbin said. "I thought it might be a flagrant, but I guess they didn't see it that way. He wiped him pretty good with his shoe.

It was different."

For the record, the shoe eventually did go on.

GAME PREP: Jazz players participated in an interesting photo shoot before and after Sunday's practice session. Photographers from 2KSports set up a high-tech photo booth at the team's practice facility to get detailed 360-degree images of the players for the NBA2K14 video game.

Even Corbin had his photo taken for the popular video game series.

"I had a cute head shot in there. It's cute," he said, laughing. "It's one of the things you have to endure."

The Jazz coach, who only occasionally plays golf video games, was surprised to learn that an animated image of Favors dunking is on the back of the PS3 NBA2K13 game.

"Oh, really?" Corbin said. "You've got to start somewhere, right?"

Favors said his 13-year-old brother will be more excited about him being on the video game's back cover than he is. Eventually, Favors would like to see his image on the other side.

"I've got to get on the front," Favors said, smiling. "Hopefully, one day, I'll be on the cover of it."

CLOCK TICKING: Former D-League guard Travis Leslie only has two days remaining on his 10-day contract with the Jazz. Though the 6-4 shooting guard has yet to make an appearance in a game, he has made a good impression out of the public's eye.

"Great worker. Really, really good size," Corbin said.

The Jazz coach said he hasn't been able to get Leslie into the game — or allow him to dress in two games, for that matter — but he likes the ex-Clipper's size and athletic ability.

"He's really good at attacking the rim in the lane. I think he can be a physical defender with his body size," Corbin said. "He's showed himself well for the time in practices that we've had, and individual workouts have been good. We just haven't had a chance to get him in the game to see it."

Corbin said Jazz management will "re-evaluate" whether or not to keep Leslie around for another 10-day contract this week. It's likely the team is evaluating his ability to contribute next season more than in the near future.

Added Corbin: "He's been good here."

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