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PROVO — Garett Tujague joined BYU's staff during the offseason as the offensive line coach and couldn't be more excited about the opportunity. After playing for BYU in the early nineties he returns to Provo to help revamp an underperforming offensive line unit from last season.

This spring he's set forth an aggressive style and a quick pace in hopes of achieving immediate success. With a new offensive system in place and many of the expected contributors not arriving until fall, Tujague has his work cut out for him, but remains optimistic.

We asked the former College of the Canyons coach five questions to learn more about him personally along with his thoughts on joining BYU's staff.

How does it feel to be back at BYU?

"When the alarm goes off every morning I still can't believe (I get to be back here.) There's lots of energy and I'm very humbled to be in this situation and I just feel blessed. I couldn't ask for anything better."

What are your memories of BYU and what's the best part of being back?

"The commitment to being great in all that you do is what I love. I come from an awesome situation at College of the Canyons, but it was tough to be a great football coach, a great dad and a great husband because our staff meetings wouldn't start until (late) just because other guys had to work. You come to BYU and the emphasis is on family. To have my kids and my wife be part of this — I can't really put it into words."

How does your experience coaching at the junior college level help you in teaching your players a new system in a short amount of time?

"I'm used to situations like this where I have guys for two years, but really just for one year to teach a new system and bring them up to speed. My last 16 years coaching has been starting over almost every single year, as a result. You start over every spring, you start over every fall, so being able to have that experience definitely helps."

What's the best thing about working with offensive coordinator Robert Anae?

"I love the fact that he's very matter-of-fact and always lets you know where you stand. He has so much information and knowledge — he's probably forgotten more things than I can remember. He's a great guy to be around and I just love everything that he's doing."

What is your overall impression of the offensive linemen currently in the program?

"The most impressive thing is their will and their desire. They want to be coached and they want to be great. I think when you have that will at a high level that anything is possible. We have a long ways to go, but I'm impressed with the progress we've made. I firmly believe that if that will is greater than that of your opponent that good things can happen."

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