SALT LAKE CITY — After the wedding ring of a man killed in a plane crash went missing, a man at the end of the paper trail was charged with theft. 

David Jacobsen, owner of Jacobsen's Removal and Embalming Service, faces one count of theft, a third-degree felony, according to charges filed Tuesday in 3rd District Court. 

Jacobsen's company was hired to transport the body of Peter Mrowiec, who was killed along with another man Aug. 30, 2012, in a plane crash near Nephi. Mrowiec's body was transported from the medical examiner's office to Gardner Mortuary as scheduled, along with an inventory sheet listing a "yellow colored ring," which had been sealed in a small bag and attached to the body.

The mortuary never received the ring, which has the word "Siffari" engraved inside the band and is valued at more than $1,500, according to the charges.  

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The state medical examiner's office maintained a photograph of the ring, and the autopsy assistant who released the body to Jacobsen said she went through the inventory line by line before giving him the ring and Mrowiec's additional property, charges state.

Jacobsen initialed each item in the inventory, confirming he received the ring. He later told police he didn't remember whether he received the ring, suggesting perhaps it had been sent to the family of the second man killed in the crash.

The wife of the second victim confirmed she received only one ring, which belonged to her husband, charges state.

McKenzie Romero

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