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Robert Voets, CBS Broadcasting
Salt Lake residents Connor, left, and David, won their second leg of "The Amazing Race" during the episode Sunday, March 10.

Utahns and father-son team Dave and Connor O’Leary won the fourth leg of the race that took them through Bali, Indonesia, in Sunday evening’s episode as the 58-year-old continued on crutches.

Dave O’Leary had detached muscles, including his Achilles tendon, in his leg while running near the end of the second leg of the race in Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

The pair won the third leg of the race through host Phil Keoghan’s home country of New Zealand.

“Dave, you’re not giving up?” host Keoghan asked as he handed them their clue at the Pit Stop in New Zealand and the race immediately continued to Bali.

“We’re not giving up,” said Dave O’Leary. “My leg has gotten progressively more painful. It’s not how I envisioned running ‘The Amazing Race’.”

Dating couple and surfers John Erck and Jessica Hoel were in second place at the Pit Stop and possibly made “Amazing Race” history Sunday when they were eliminated at the end of Sunday’s episode with an unused Express Pass.

They won two Express Passes on the first leg of the race and were in an alliance with several other teams that the second team in their group would get the second pass. The O’Learys were second from the alliance the cross the finish line on that leg the race. Erck and Hoel were initially a little hesitant to give the O’Learys the second Express Pass, but when Dave O’Leary was injured, Erck and Hoel gave the Express Pass to them at the beginning of the third leg when the teams were en route to New Zealand and the O’Learys used the Express Pass in New Zealand.

Dave is prostate cancer survivor and 21-year-old Connor is a testicular cancer survivor and both are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Holladay 25th Ward, Salt Lake Holladay South Stake.

“Rip it, read it and keep racing,” Keoghan told married couple Chuck and Wynona McCall, who were ninth and last team to the New Zealand Pit Stop but not eliminated as the race was still going.

The O’Learys were on the first flight to Indonesia, going through Perth, Australia, with newlyweds Max and Katie Bichler, country singers, Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle and friends Winnie Sung and Pam Chien.

Three other teams where on the second flight and two other teams were on a third flight, both of which had different layovers and came in a few hours later.

In Bali, teams had to get to the Monkey Forest and they had to have a monkey open a coconut with a clue inside. The clue took them to a Detour where they either had to help haul river bottom sand for bricks in “Sandy Bottom” or “Fruity Top,” to prepare an elaborate religious offering that was a specific fruit arrangement.

The O’Learys picked “Fruity Top” along with the other three teams that were on their flight and most of the other teams in the race.

Sung and Chien pointed to their set-making skills as helping with the challenge. YouTube channel hosts Joey Graceffa, who was pretty amusing when he talked to the monkeys at the Monkey Forest, and Meghan Camarena said their abilities to make costumes from just looking at a picture helped them. Chuck McCall’s taxidermy skils did come in handy, too.

Only roller derby moms Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere went to “Sandy Bottom” first.

Anthony and Bates Battaglia, who are brothers and professional hockey players, had a lost taxi driver who didn’t know where the “Sandy Bottom” challenge was, so they went to “Fruity Top.”

The O’Leary's taxi driver knew where they were going at each section of the race and cyclist Connor O’Leary carried both of their bags and pushed his father through the airports as they raced.

The next clue took them to Uluwatu Surf Beach where at the Roadblock one of the team members had to pick a surf board with a picture on it that had something they all previously encountered: the picture of a priest who blessed them in French Polynesia.

Chien and Sung had picked their surfboard first, but had a hard time finding where Keoghan was to check in at the Pit Stop.

The O’Learys were first to the Pit Stop ahead of Chien and Sung and won $5,000 each.

“Considering what you’ve been through in the last few legs, this is nothing short of remarkable,” Keoghan said.

“I have this guy for a teammate,” Dave O’Leary said of his son. “I couldn’t ask for a better companion.”

And the pair has no intention of dropping out early.

“We’ll do what it takes to win,” Connor O’Leary said, adding with his dad, “One leg at a time on one leg.”

“Love my son,” Dave told Keoghan as he hugged Connor at the Pit Stop.

Chien and Sung were second and the newlywed Bichlers were third. Singers Cutbirth and Kuhle were fourth after bringing back several different surfboards.

Graceffa and Camarena were fifth and roller derby moms Egender and Bandimere were sixth, even after having to go back and switch out boards. The Battaglia brothers were seventh.

The McCalls had to go back and swap out their surfboard, too, and were in eighth.

Erck and Hoel struggled with the “Fruity Top” challenge and then went to the “Sandy Bottom” challenge. Hoel suggested that they just use the Express Pass and Erck was insistent on completing the challenges. Erck stood by his choices while Hoel was obviously disappointed.

"I think it was a really big mistake," Hoel said of not using the Express Pass. "For me ... I'm feeling just a huge letdown."

"There's absolutely zero regrets," Erck said.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sunday evenings on CBS.

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