OREM — A senior put on a show Saturday night at the UCCU Center during UVU's senior night.

The problem for UVU was that it was Cal State Bakersfield guard Tyrone White. Shooting 12-19 from the field and 6-10 from beyond the arc, White lit up the Wolverines for 30 points and sent the UVU seniors home with a 15-point loss, 73-58.

"They came in and took it to us," said UVU head coach Dick Hunsaker. "They were aggressive and built up a cushion and coasted there in the second half."

Despite not making a field goal until the 13:05 mark in the second half, the Wolverines managed to make 10 free throws and stay within striking distance. UVU cut the lead to nine on a Jason Johnson 3-point shot but failed to connect on subsequent 3-point attempts by Johnson and Taylor Brown.

"We had a chance to cut into the lead and failed to convert," Hunsaker said. "They took advantage of that and put us away. They built up a 20-point lead and we couldn't find a way to fight through it."

The Wolverines dropped to 14-17 heading into the Great West Conference tournament next week. But despite the below .500 record, coach Hunsaker has been pleased with his team's effort.

"We've been on the road for 13 of 16 weeks this year," Hunsaker said. "I haven't been happy with the schedule but despite losing Alfonso Hubbard for the year and having to play guys some extended minutes, we've had a good effort from the guys. I feel like the guys have tried hard and I don't think there will be a drop-off in the tournament."

Hubbard was able to sit on the bench and walk unassisted for the first time on the court when the seniors were recognized before the game. That was the lone highlight for the Wolverines, however. Nick Thompson ended the night with one point, five rebounds and six turnovers.

"Nick Thompson has not been productive," Hunsaker said. "For us to have success next week in the conference tournament, our starters have to be productive. If we don't get more from him and a couple others, we will have a tough time in Chicago."

The Wolverines will play Houston Baptist in a play-in game Thursday, with the winner taking on top seed NJIT.

Jonathan Boldt is a sports writing intern for the Deseret News covering the Utah Valley. He can be reached at jonboldt@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @jboldt24 - www.boldted.com