MURRAY — Crews were called to the scene of a fire in Murray Saturday apparently started by an overheated appliance.

The fire at Chemtech-Ford Laboratories, 6100 S. Stratler St. (400 West) was reported around 1 p.m., Murray Deputy Fire Marshal Russ Groves said. Apparently the owner of the lab had been cooking four types of acids at a high temperature to make bromine.

"His cooking appliance he was using to cook these acids to make the final product overheated," Groves said. "I believe it started in the thermostat, it overheated and actually caught the countertop on fire."

Three people were in the lab at the time and one of them smelled smoke before opening a window and calling 911.

Despite concerns about hazardous materials, no one was injured in the incident and the chemicals in use had been diluted, posing no risk to anyone in the area.

Groves said the fire appears to be an accident.

Sandra Yi