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"Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune" is by Craig R. Everett. It is a novel that helps share fiscal and economic principles to middle grade readers.

"TOBY GOLD AND THE SECRET FORTUNE," by Craig Everett, Fiscal Press, $27.95, 256 pages (f) (ages 9 and up)

"Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune" is a great novel for middle grade readers as the events and plot keep the reader hurrying to turn the page.

Set in Wallingford, Conn., this fictional story goes through the exciting life of Tobias "Toby" Gold. Just after being placed in his 10th foster home, he learns that his new foster brother is on the football team and loves to bully him, especially when it comes to getting his new allowance.

Luckily, he had spent most of his young life in Wallingford near his two best friends, Marc and Bidge. It turns out that no one can defeat the trio — bullies or criminals.

Toby is an average middle school student. He hates writing and excels at math and science. In town, there is a rivalry between the “Townies” and the “Choaties,” basically the public schools and the upper class private school in town. Toby and his friends haven’t ever been a fan of the Choate Private School.

When Toby starts interpreting cryptic messages in the stock market that seemed directed to him, one of them is a message for Toby to apply to Choate. He is accepted and to help offset the tuition costs, he works with the school's financial office.

However, things aren't straightforward as he uncovers illegal activities, and those committing these financial crimes don't take kindly to being found out.

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Toby is an excellent example of someone who works hard for their goals, develops a means of saving money and doing what’s best for those you love the most.

Author Craig Everett, who is also a Pepperdine University finance professor and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Dos Vientos Ward of the Newbury Park California Stake, has easily explained the difficult financial jargon.

There is no foul language, but mild violence involving bullying, a criminal, car chase and being held at gunpoint.

Ashlynn Green is a wife, a daughter, a sister, a pug-lover and a believer of the family.