DRAPER — Police received a call Wednesday from someone who reportedly found a triangular piece of sharp metal in a doughnut purchased at Smith's Food Store, 262 E. 12300 South. 

Police said they are investigating the incident as a possible assault.

"If someone intentionally did it, we want to make sure we're covering everything," Draper Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter said.

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The doughnuts were not made in the Smith's bakery, according to store spokeswoman Marsha Gilford. 

"Those donuts were actually manufactured out of state and sent to that store in sealed, tamper-proof packaging," Gilford said. 

She said the doughnuts have been removed from the Draper store's shelves.

"We didn't have the information we needed to pull beyond that, from other stores," Gilford said. "If you do, we will, of course, take all the right precautions."

Two of the three individuals who had been eating the doughnuts sought medical attention, police said.

Rachel Lowry