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Walnut Springs Press
"Make It Happen: A Guide to Happiness for LDS Singles" is by Kylee Shields.

Not having a spouse does not mean your life is less valued than someone who is lawfully wedded. Single adulthood is an interesting phase of life. It is a unique period of learning and opportunity.

Kylee Shields outlines how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life as a single adult in her book, "Make It Happen: A Guide to Happiness for LDS Singles" (Walnut Springs Press, $15.99). Here are some of her tips:

Shake things up. It is easy to get stuck in the rut of boring routines and mundane schedules. Laugh. Be spontaneous. Try something new. You miss out on a lot of great opportunities when you refuse to step out of your comfort zone.

Validate others. A compliment does not mean anything unless it is shared. Forget about yourself and pay attention to someone else. Take the time to listen, instead of jumping in and talking first.

Give your heart to God. Understand that God has perfect timing, and that his plan for you is better than any plan you could come up with for yourself. We all have to go through difficult experiences and trials so that we can better come to understand and know God.

Make it happen. Live intentionally by making your dreams a reality. Success only comes when you pay the price. Set specific, measurable goals and then make them a priority.

Although single life is full of ups and downs, lonely Friday nights and empty ice cream cartons, it also includes happy memories, meaningful friendships, and life-changing lessons.

It can be a wonderful time of life, or it can be completely miserable. It's up to you to decide how you are going to live it.

Katelyn Ericson is the content manager for FamilyShare.com. She completed her MBA at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. She received her undergrad degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho in English, professional writing