Matthew Reier,
One of the photos accompanying the scripture announcement — this showcases six different versions of what became the Doctrine and Covenants.

Scripture changes: As is per the norm with this type of announcement, the blogs exploded in excitement over the news that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “Release(d) New Edition of English Scriptures in Digital Formats,” with bloggers delighted that the work of comparing the old with new had already been done. Much will continue to be said, but as an example, here is a list of some of the changes scripture scholar Joseph Spencer found interesting.

Egyptian papers: And speaking of updates, the Joseph Smith Papers just uploaded the rest of the Egyptian Papers found in the Joseph Smith Collection, free and fascinating to peruse. As one example, click in to study the “Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language.” Awesome!

Temple testimony: Here’s a lovely video from Al Fox where she walks around the Provo Temple — love the moments with the missionaries — all while narrating her testimony of the temple, her gratitude and joy radiating throughout. Click in to view and then to share “Stand; Be Not Moved.”

Baptism activities: Here are some sweet baptism “Enrichment Activities” including a baptism candy bar handout that cleverly teaches about the baptismal covenant, helps for giving a baptismal talk, a printable baptism journal and much more. Love it!

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