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Ben Tidswell, Deseret News
Damage to structures after an explosion at Adler Hot Oil in Jensen Saturday Mar. 1, 2013.

JENSEN, Uintah County — One building was destroyed and several damaged in an explosion early Saturday morning at the Ashley Valley Industrial Park.

Uintah County Sheriff Jeff Merrell said the explosion occurred at Adler Hot Oil just after midnight. The blast leveled the business and severely damaged eight other commercial structures. Two nearby homes also recevied moderate damage, according to officials.

"This was a major explosion that not only destroyed the business where the explosion occurred, but it dramatically impacted the buildings all the way around it," Merrell said.

An evacuation order was issued for businesses and homes within one-half mile, Merrell said, but residents were allowed to return to the area around noon Saturday.

Merrell said the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. There were no reported injuries in the explosion and crews from three fire departments responded to the scene and extinguished the resulting fire by approximately 6 a.m.

Benjamin Wood