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Cedar Fort
"The Savior's Symbols: Seven Affirmations from the Life of the Master" is by Mark A. Amacher.

"THE SAVIOR'S SYMBOLS: Seven Affirmations of the Life of the Master," by Mark A. Amacher, Cedar Fort, $16.99, 176 pages (nf)

It’s not very often people work for free.

But author Mark A. Amacher made it clear in the beginning of his book that “all royalties from this publication are donated to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the Perpetual Education Fund” for the LDS Church.

Impressive. But dually impressive is the amount of sources in this 176-page book on Jesus Christ.

In his book, “The Savior’s Symbols: Seven Affirmations of the Life of the Master,” Amacher dissects the New Testament and other scripture as he relates Christ’s miracles to seven different symbols.

Broken up into seven chapters, he marries the use of symbols and the way Jesus Christ carried out his ministry. Intimate details sometimes overlooked in these well-versed biblical stories are brought to light as Amacher shows the Savior's relationship to wine, water, bread, stone, oil, the shepherd and the lamb, and alpha and omega. From Jesus Christ’s first-recorded miracle — turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana — to the woman at the well, new perspectives are shared, as evidenced by Amacher’s extensive research.

Each chapter is followed up with a commentary section — first-person content from the author making the chapter and stories better understood. However, a few commentaries feel as content-heavy as the chapter itself.

Currently a service missionary and temple worker with his wife for the LDS Church in North Carolina, Amacher didn’t exactly have authoring in mind.

In the book’s acknowledgments, the author and new grandfather wrote, “As I began the first chapter (titled) Stone, I never intended to write a book. Later that year, I showed the manuscript to Heber and Ardeth Kapp. Their encouragement kept me writing and motivated me to ponder the sources of common symbols and imagery.”

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Ardeth Kapp, a former Young Women general president, was on board with the project and even offered to write the preface to the book, which Amacher said was “both unexpected and greatly appreciated.” The preface, as well as every chapter, begins with an introductory scripture. He closes off each chapter with a stanza from well-known Mormon hymns.

Geared toward the mature reader, this gospel book helps readers make a deeper connection to the ministry of Jesus Christ, while relating the teachings to everyday life.

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