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"Unremembered" is a young adult novel by Jessica Brody.

"UNREMEMBERED," by Jessica Brody, Farrar Straus Giroux, $17.99, 302 pages (f) (14 and up)

"Unremembered" is the first in a young adult sci-fi trilogy that is a page-turning adventure of self-discovery.

A teenage girl with violet eyes wakes up in the rubble of a horrible plane crash with no memory of who she is or why she was on a plane. She alone survived — without a scratch. But there is no record of her even being on the plane.

After no family is located after the crash, officials reach out through the press and she becomes a celebrity overnight. A mysterious locket was found with her and has strange engravings, but no photos stored inside and no obvious clues about her identity. Her only clue is a two-word note from herself she found hidden in her clothes.

Violet, as she has unnaturally bright eyes, is placed in a temporary foster home until her identity can be determined. It’s decided that she’s about 16 years old. She is fluent in several languages and is brilliant in math and science, but doesn't remember simple things like the Internet or how to use money. She starts discovering things about herself and wonders whether those simple things could actually be vital pieces of information, like her love of a grilled cheese sandwich.

The only somewhat comforting thing to her is a teenage boy who keeps showing up unexplained and claims they knew each other — and that her name is Seraphina and that she hasn't lived an ordinary life. But as Lyzender tries to convince her of who he is and their past, others with advanced tracking technology are after her, too, and won't stop until they bring her back.

This young adult novel is intriguing and difficult to put down as author Jessica Brody pens a tale that has the past, future and present colliding and includes futuristic technology and the importance of knowing yourself.

Seraphina’s journey takes her through the decision of whom she should trust and whom she should protect.

Throughout, there is mild violence involving guns, other weapons, and a situation where Violet/Seraphina runs away from her foster home. There is no foul language or sexual innuendos.

Information on Brody's tours and her books is available on www.jessicabrody.com. "How to Train Your Dragon" producer Doug Davison has optioned the Unremembered trilogy for film. The second book is expected to be released in early 2014.

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What: Jessica Brody book signing

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