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Warner Bros. Pictures
Stanley Tucci, left, and Ewen Bremner in "Jack the Giant Slayer."

Violence: People are eaten by giants. Individuals are captured and held hostage. Giants fight with each other using weapons and hand-to-hand combat. City officials use weapons to keep order in the streets. Animals are skewered off camera. Giants chase people in a threatening manner.

Villainy: One character is plotting to take over the kingdom. He threatens people with death if they do not do what he asks.

War: Giants attack cities in order to feed. Humans use automatic bows. Giants are shot many times. People are hit by objects flying over the city wall.

β€œJack the Giant Slayer” is rated PG-13, but if your child can handle β€œThe Lord of the Rings,” they will be fine seeing this film.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer.