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Monty Brinton, CBS Broadcasting Inc.
The Bikal and Gota Tribe during the Immunity Challenge on the third episode of "Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorities" on Wednesday, Feb. 27 on the CBS Television Network.

The tribe of Favorites, including Utahn Dawn Meehan, won the Immunity and Reward challenges on the Feb. 27 episode of “Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites.”

The tribe of returning players is safe to compete in another challenge and to spend a few more days on the island and in the game to outplay, outwit and outlast.

The challenge included all of the castaways swimming to a bamboo cage, climbing over the cage, and bringing a large and heavy trunk back to shore. Then, they had to complete a track by sliding pieces into place with a grappling hook and then pushing the trunk to the end of the track.

“This challenge was neck and neck from the start, but only one tribe can win,” host Jeff Probst said as he handed the immunity idol to the Favorites. The reward included a tarp, chairs, blankets and pillows.

This week, there was more drama in the tribe of Fans as 27-year-old Shamar Thomas, a Marine and Iraq War veteran, lashed out at those who voted for him at the previous Tribal Council. And he wasn’t getting along with very many of his fellow castaways and considered leaving the game. But those in his alliance, including 41-year-old Sherri Biethman, convinced him to stay to help their alliance.

Their alliance split the vote between 23-year-old Edward “Eddie” Fox and 23-year-old Hope Driskill while Driskill, Fox and 30-year-old Reynold Toepfer, who has an individual immunity idol, targeted Thomas. And the trio of Driskill, Fox and Toepfer had thought they had at least two others to vote against Thomas.

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It turned out to be a three-way tie between Fox, Driskill and Thomas. The tribe re-voted without the three who received votes. And it was Driskill who went home on Day 7 of the 39-day game.

At the Favorites camp, 25-year-old Malcolm Freberg and 33-year-old Corinne Kaplan were searching for the hidden immunity idol and Freberg found it. He and Kaplan pinkie-promised to keep it secret.

Meehan teaches English at Brigham Young University, is the mother of six adopted children and is a Primary teacher in the Founders Park 8th Ward, South Jordan Utah Founders Park Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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