TAYLORSVILLE — The city is considering building a new fire station.

Taylorsville officials have wanted a third station near the southeast quadrant of the city in order to handle the emergency call volume and offer better response times. In addition, the city has said there is growing need to rebuild Station 117 at 4545 S. Redwood Road, which was constructed in 1964 and is no longer fully suitable.

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On Feb. 13, fire administrators presented to the City Council a new proposal asking that one larger station be built farther south along Redwood Road — instead of building one new station and rebuilding another. The facility would accommodate two fire companies, which could then respond both north and south, handle the respective call volume and respond in a reasonable timeframe.

In addition, they proposed building it with a large community room that could handle graduation ceremonies for the fire department, as well as training opportunities on a regional basis. This room would also be made available for meeting purposes by city officials, various subcommittees and volunteer groups.

Construction of an internal tower for additional training purposes is also being considered.