RIVERDALE — Police were working Wednesday to identify a woman whose body was discovered near a construction site.

The woman was found by an owner of the fourplex that is under construction at 1700 W. 4800 South in Riverdale.

"When I pulled up, I noticed some purple on the side of the fourplex," Kurt Nalder said. "I looked at it for another second and I realized it was her hand just sticking out above her so I just called 911."

Riverdale police responded to the scene and said there were no obvious signs of trauma on the woman's body. The woman was fully clothed, was wearing a coat and did not appear to be homeless.

It is possible the woman may have fallen at the site and died as a result of the freezing temperatures, police said.

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The medical examiner removed the woman's body from the area around 10 a.m. Her death will be considered suspicious until a cause of death can be determined, police said.

"It's always suspicious when you find a body out in the elements in a yard like this," Riverdale Police Lt. Scott Brenkman said.

Tracks were found in the snow leading to where the woman was found. Police said the tracks lead them to believe that the woman lives in the area.

Police are asking local residents to report if any family members or neighbors have gone missing.