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"Resumes are Dead and What to Do About It" is by Richie Norton.

Richie Norton's e-book "Resumes are Dead" (Deseret Book, $7.99), resolves the perceived conflict between money and happiness, giving tips for how to find employment that meets the needs of you and your family while also following your dreams. He gives seven helpful tips for how to earn a living while living your life instead of spending your life earning a living.

Have the confidence to contribute what is uniquely you. Norton says "be bold, but never arrogant."

Do your meaningful work now; don't wait for later. He says "don't wait. Start now." He adds that if you get started on meaningful projects that will change the world, people who want and are able to help will find you.

Choose work consistent with who you are, and keep your career by adapting to the changing needs of your employer. Norton defined this congruence as "the art of being suitable and appropriate."

The only way to be irreplaceable is to be "a social innovator."

Focus on charity, and expect miracles to happen. Instead of creating dependency, sustain people as people.

Being proactive instead of being compelled by authority takes courage and humility. Norton says that "leaders want to work with other leaders."

He reminds us that agility is better than raw power, so try to "be maneuverable."

Everyone can live in a way that creates "the freedom to live life on your own terms" while still earning a living. Norton proposes greater happiness from working to support the life you want to create, rather than living your whole life trying to work.

Tip for living: 'Resumes are Dead' by Richie Norton

Richie Norton shares the two most important factors you need to employ when you start a new business or write a business plan that will help reduce your risk and increase your success.

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