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A scene from the recent Bible Video "Peter and John Continue Preaching the Gospel."

ASL missions: Bloggers have lauded the announcement of 58 new missions in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I found this post about how “Deaf Mormons (are) Excited About The Announcement of 58 New Missions” to be fascinating: “Many Deaf members are hoping that the creation of these new missions will also mean that more deaf missions will be created which will give more opportunities for deaf members to share the gospel with others. The announcement will have an impact on the following American Sign Language missions with the new missions in parenthesis: Oregon Portland (WA-Vancouver and OR-Salem), Washington Seattle (WA-Federal Way), Idaho Boise (ID-TwinFalls and ID-Nampa), Illinois Chicago, Missouri Independence (new KS-Wichita), Virginia Richmond (VA-Chesapeake), Arizona Phoenix (AZ-Gilbert and AZ-Scottsdale), California Anaheim and California Los Angeles (Irvine, Bakersfield and Rancho Cucamonga).” Cool. Click in to read more about what this might mean for ASL Mormons and potential members.

Bible Videos: “The LDS Church has been producing a fantastic set of short videos depicting stories from the New Testament, found at BibleVideos.org. The site’s index of videos, however, places them in the order they have been posted on the site...” This blogger has produced his own “BibleVideos.org chronological index” that is just so handy. It lists them in chronological order, includes the scriptural references, and each video is clickable to go right in and watch. Click in to find it and then bookmark if for future use. And speaking of Bible Videos, here is the newest one: “Peter and John Continue Preaching the Gospel” of Jesus Christ and do so bravely in the face of grave punishment in order to find and converts those believers. Wow.

Atonement printable: This blogger loves the topic of the atonement and thus presents some beautiful handouts to help students learn more about “What is the Atonement?” Click in the download, print and give as a supplement for your teaching of this important topic.

'Peter and John Continue Preaching the Gospel'

In this latest Bible Video based on Acts 5, Peter and John continue preaching and healing in the name of Jesus Christ, despite the attempts of the Jewish leaders to stop them.

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