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Jon Bernthal and Dwayne Johnson in "Snitch."

Drugs/drinking: Drug runners are central to the plot of this film. One person does use drugs, but only because he is forced to do it or reveal himself as an informant. One person appears to use alcohol to calm himself; alcohol is never used in excess.

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Violence: The people dealing and distributing drugs are violent. Many guns are used, especially in one scene that feels like a battle with automatic weapons. Some people are beaten up while others die from gunshot wounds. Bodies are shown being covered in a mass grave. Cars are shot up and wreck on a highway.

Language/nudity: There is much less language than there could have been in a film depicting the darker side of society. Not only is there little profanity, but there is not much sensuality or nudity in the film.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer.