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Three-year-old John Boarman has always been taught not to lie, but when it comes to sneaking sprinkles out of the cupboard, Boarman won’t fess up.

“No, I did not eat your sprinkles,” John said in the video his mother Erica Boarman uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 6.

After catching her son with sprinkles plastered around his mouth, Erica took out her camera so she could send the video to her relatives around the country who don’t get to see John very often.

The video had more than 1.6 million views in less than a week, and Erica and John recently made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While on the show, DeGeneres asked John to answer some questions, and he did not disappoint the audience as he answered each question untruthfully.

Both Erica and John received gifts from DeGeneres: Erica got a new video camera, and John got a T-shirt along with a table full of all the sprinkles he could eat.

Megan Marsden is an intern for the Deseret News, writing for the Faith and Family sections. She is a junior at BYU-Idaho studying communications. Her views do not necessarily represent those of BYU-I.